Eligibility Criteria

This award is open to any woman citizen of India:

  1. Who runs her own large/medium/small business/start-ups; and works out of her home, co-working space, rented office space and/or owned work space.
  2. Who has a business registered, headquartered or running operations from one of the application cities i.e. Delhi (including NCR), Mumbai, and Bengaluru;
  3. Has attained 18 years of age on April 01, 2019;
  4. Has a business which is in existence for minimum of 1 year till December 31, 2019;
  5. Who is a sole proprietor / owner, or a co-founding member / partner in the Company / Firm that is registered and is having its operations in India, and has duly filed IT returns;
  6. Her annual turnover of her business should be minimum of INR 5 lakhs and maximum INR. 10 crores for preceding Financial year i.e. FY 2018-19; and
  7. Has a business which must be registered in India with appropriate authorities, and must provide a valid Shops and Establishments License Number or Trade License or GST Registration details of similar nature.

If co-owners of a business apply separately, then both the entries will be clubbed by the Awards Management for this awards, and will be considered as a solus entry. One participant can send in only one application per business. If the company has multi-city operations, participant should select any one of the applicable cities to submit her entry.

TIMES She UnLTD Entrepreneur Awards 2020 co-powered by Senco Gold & Diamonds
TIMES She UnLTD Entrepreneur Awards 2020 co-powered by Senco Gold & Diamonds