Chapter 2

Fitness & Wellness, Home & Living, Travel & Experiences

Times She UnLTD. Entrepreneur Awards co-powered by Senco Gold & Diamonds is an endeavour to honour women who have embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship from home, to make their dreams come alive. It is a platform that celebrates passions, ambitions and aspirations of women who have put everything on the line to build and grow their own businesses. In the second chapter, we aim to empower trailblazers in the fields of Fitness & Wellness, Home & Living, Travel & Experiences.

She’s fierce. She’s fearless. She is unlimited.

Award Categories

Fitness & Wellness

Fitness is a lifestyle that should be inculcated into our daily routine. If your passion-turned-business has anything to do with wellness, food, fitness, yoga or gym, then apply under the Fitness and Wellness category. Calling all dieticians, fitness and health experts, personal trainers, lifestyle coaches and more. This is a great opportunity for you!

Home & Living

“Design is intelligence made visible.” Does your business revolve around a reimagining home spaces, sprucing up an office building, or designing exquisite wall décor? If you answered yes, then apply now to give your business a chance in the spotlight in the Home and Living category. Calling all interior designers, manufacturers of home décor products, home improvement consultants and more. Now’s your time to show the world what you’re made of!

Travel & Experiences

When it comes to new opportunities and unleashing potential, the sky’s the limit. Does your jet-setting business have what it takes to travel far and wide? Calling all holiday planners, travel & experience curators, wedding planners, event organisers and more, to apply under the Travel and Experiences category. Here is your time to shine!

TIMES She UnLTD Entrepreneur Awards 2020 co-powered by Senco Gold & Diamonds
TIMES She UnLTD Entrepreneur Awards 2020 co-powered by Senco Gold & Diamonds